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GMAT Course Features

Video lessons from GMAT experts

Barron's gives you more video content than any other GMAT prep provider. In this course, Barron's top-notch authors and teachers walk you through the necessary techniques to ace the test.

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Prep smarter with Adaptive Learning Technology

Barron's uses advanced diagnostic software algorithms to create a customized GMAT course calibrated for your skills, your time, and what you need to learn to maximize your score.

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Unparalleled flexibility: Prep on the Web, Tablet or iPhone

Barron's test prep stays with you everywhere you go. Access your study plan and course material on the web, your smart phone, or your tablet. Improve your score at will with unparalleled accessibility.

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Barron's gave me exactly the tools I needed to improve my score quickly. It was also more convenient than a GMAT class or a GMAT tutor, because I could practice or learn anytime I wanted.


David, San Francisco

Barron's helped me improve my overall GMAT score by more than 100 points! Being fully guided through the entire process really took the stress out of prepping for the test.


Jacquelyn, NYC

Our courses is taught by experienced and dedicated teachers.

Adam Lampert

Adam Lampert directed the creation of the Barron's GMAT course. Taking an extremely pragmatic approach to test prep, Adam oversaw the production of this course content with one goal in mind: getting students higher scores.


Adam believes that education is a living, growing entity, and teachers should strive to continually improve their classroom tools to help students get the very most out of every day. He explains his approach to instruction with a famous quote: "After teaching all day, if you didn't learn anything, you probably didn't teach anything either."


Adam has scored in the 99th percentile on nearly every standardized test available (PSAT, SAT, ACT and GMAT). After graduating with honors from the University of Pennsylvania, Adam cut his test prep chops working for several large, prestigious test prep companies where he quickly rose through the ranks as a standout educator and content developer, eventually founding his own firm based on principles of individualized education.

Bryce Warwick

Bryce is a GMAT guru with years of experience training students for GMAT, GRE, SAT and LSAT exams. Prior to starting his own tutoring company, Bryce taught GMAT prep courses at Kaplan. Bryce has an undergraduate degree from UCSD and a JD from George Washington University Law School.

Brett Ethridge

Brett specializes in the verbal section of the GMAT. Over the years, Brett has helped hundreds of students improve their GMAT scores and get into the business schools of their choice. Brett is a graduate of Duke University with post graduate credentials from the University of Denver.

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