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What Can I Do on This Web site?

There are two different areas of study to concentrate on once you've subscribed to our PSAT prep site. You can study our PSAT test tips and vocabulary lists but most importantly, you can take PSAT practice tests and receive immediate feedback via our online grading system and our explanations of the exam answers.

Areas For Study

When you subscribe to PSAT prep, you can click on "Test Tips" from the main site menu and be taken to six different areas that you can study. These include:

  Basic Exam tactics - Here you can browse through general exam tips designed to guide you through the experience of taking the actual PSAT examination. There are tips on what you need to "know before you go" here.

  Verbal Tactics - This section is devoted to covering the tactics you should use when confronted with the four types of Verbal questions on the PSAT. It offers methods of recognizing tricks and common mistakes that can be avoided when exam time comes. This sections analyzes and offers tactics on:

* Sentence Completion
* Critical Reading
* Critical Reading on Paired Passages

  Vocabulary Lists - Another invaluable resource of the site is our Vocabulary Lists section, which is accessible from your Home screen after logging into the site. Here you can browse over 1300 words broken up into 44 word lists including words that we call "High Frequency," (words that appear quite often on the PSAT). Each list contains the word, the part of speech (i.e. noun, verb, etc.), a definition, and it's usage in a sentence plus any alternate meanings that are important to remember.

  Writing Tactics - This section offers tactics you should use when dealing with the three types of Writing questions on the PSAT exam. It offers methods of recognizing tricks and common mistakes that can be avoided when exam time comes. This section analyzes and offers tactics on

* Identifying Sentence Error
* Improving Sentences
* Improving Paragraphs

  Math Tactics- This section covers the many different math tactics that you should commit to memory before taking the PSAT. These tactics make answering PSAT math questions a breeze by pointing out methods of arriving at the correct answers. Areas include:

* Multiple Choice Questions
* Grid-In Questions

  Key Facts for Math - This section is invaluable as it covers many of the key principles of mathematics from the most basic concepts up through college level formulas that you will need to study for success on the PSAT.

PSAT Practice Tests

Here is the focus of the site...taking practice PSAT exams online and getting immediate feedback. On BarronsTestPrep.com, you can select from seven complete Model PSAT exams and either take them from beginning to end, with the option of a timer to be sure you'll have the ability to complete the exam within the allotted time for the actual test, or you can take your time and practice on particular types of questions and be able to pinpoint your weaker areas by creating customized exams.

Most importantly, once you have finished an exam and have received a grade, you are then shown detailed analysis of each and every question and it's answers (both correct AND incorrect) on our Report Card section. You will get Barron's 60+ years of expertise in study guides at your fingertips, which is much more valuable than simply having an answer key in front of you.


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